ADDING Elements TO A Ring

Subject: Adding accents to an existing ring
Question: I have a platinum engagement ring with a .85 carat diamond. Its design is very plain with no accents. For our 5th anniversary coming up, we would like to get accents added to the ring, perhaps accent diamonds or some other gemstones. We spoke to a designer at a Designer event at a large chain jewelry store where we originally bought the ring. He told us that adding accents to an existing ring can't be done. But we suspect he just wanted us to buy one of his premade mountings. This verdict just doesn't make sense considering he was able to replace the 4-prong head with a 6-prong head. What say you?

Also if you can recommend a reputable, reasonably priced jeweler in the Raleigh/Durham Triangle area who is willing to work with us, we'd be much appreciative.

Answer: Hello Cynthia,
Quite right! AVOID CHAIN STORES! My best advice is to seek out the independant goldsmith or metalsmith ( of which I know many in the Raleigh Durham area!) not only will the work be beter, and not cookie cutter prong heads soldered onto x piece but you will realize the relationship that is made will allow you to save money have work guaranteed for life and of higher quality materials and artistic design than any chain- hands down.
Of course you can add on accents to any ring!- he may not have had a platinumsmith or anyone that works in platinum available to do that high temp work and guarantee the results wouldn't blow apart the stones he sold you originally ( most chains group stones of SI1-2 and I1-2 into the same lots to save money so that you are never really certain in smaller stones, what you're getting).
coloured gemstones and colured diamonds are trendy right now and can be added inexpensively- consider a flush mounting in that you need no setting, the stone is set into the band that rises just above the stone's table (top surface).It is a style that can be done easily by any metalsmith and does not add the risk of heat to blowing any stones as the jeweler just has to cut a seat for the stone and then burnish the metal around the stone's shape ( be it round, square, trillion, etc) to hold it firmly in place and protecting it from daily wear.
If you tell me which part of town you are in I can give you a few contacts so you can find the jeweler you are most comfortable with. You can contact me off this forum at so the worlds doesn't know your locale! Also if you have any preferences in location state that in the email too and I will contact the colleagues in Raleigh/Durham and help you get what you want done as quickly and easily as is possible. I really detest chain jewelry stores practices and deception- they cost the consumer far more than the worth of any pieces they sell and the quality is more often than not, misrepresented..Hate to say this but you come out better buying at a Wal-Mart than almost of the jewelry chains out there since the x mart buys in larger volume from the same vendors as the chain store..But to go as far as outright lying that any accents can't be added is a case for the Better Business Bureau - I get highly aggravated when lied to by someone that thinks you are on open wallet and uninformed..then there is your loyalty to that store that should have been incentive for them to value your request as opposed to just saying they can't work in platinum..which is likely the case..frustrating at the least, disappointing at best!
Nonetheless, there are many in your area that I'm certain can give you exactly what you desire at a reasonable price in a reasonable time of delivery from the design proofing time. I will look for your email, but do allow me a couple of days to get back to you if that's all right.